Done spending myself in the
love-sickness of the love-skeptical.

United Eunuchs of America

with your hearts polished to gold
only to be jaded by those who lift spit and soot
to deity,

who spend their nights feeding longing
with longing.

I understand.

Cutting parts out: my feelings are illegal
my love is my sin,

and all I make
is love
and all I do
is love
and all I am
is love.


Occupational goals

Man Ray - Compass

"What’s been your greatest accomplishment?""Keeping in touch with distant friends and relatives.""Why is that important?""It’s important to always have people who remember you at various stages of your life. It’s especially important as you get older, because there are less of those people around. And they remind you who you are."

something just


made me think of the time we had to melt snow to flush our toilet in a blizzard back in ‘the day.’ also growing up i literally knew no one who had more than one bathroom in their house. i don’t get how NOW we’re in a recession. also, more interested in dabs and if they’re going to soon be illegal…


Francoise Hardy 

Every mistake makes you
(that much better.)